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Ferrari Four

The latest offering from power-brand Ferrari comes with four seats and a four-wheel drive, which only makes it four times more irresistible. With high-performance features and a whopping 6,262cc engine, the Ferrari Four satiates any auto-addict’s fantasy. Riddhima Nagpal goes on one hell of a ride through heaven.
Speed. Style. Swiftness. The new FF – an acronym for Ferrari Four (four seats and four-wheel drive) – is not like any other Ferrari we have ever seen before. The prancing horse technicians have gone all the way out in creating a car that combines beauty, elegance and art in its soul!
The new FF is a four-seater that offers a completely new take on the Grand Tourer theme. Even a momentary glance at the FF’s sleek, Pininfarina-penned super model profile affirms the same. Taking its designing cues from its predecessor 612 Scaglietti and 599 GTB Fiorano, the shape and proportions of FF are a harmonious blend of sporting DNA and extraordinary usability. But there is more to this racing horse than its exterior allure. Designed specifically to tackle the toughest and the most complex of driving challenges, this supercar delivers power to its extremeregardless of weather or road conditions.
Since the legendary Ferrari 250 GT SWB Breadvan made in 1962, this new FF has pioneered with many firsts to its kitty. It carries the company’s all-wheel drive systemthe innovation called 4RM, which is Ferrari’s own patented design and weighs 50 per cent less than a conventional four-wheel drive unit. Under the bonnet is a 6,262cc direct injection V12 engine developing a ballistic 492 kW (660 CV) at 8,000 rpm and 683 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Like a blaze of wind, the FF can easily nail the 0-100 km (0-62 mile) sprint in just 3.7 seconds (a third quicker than its predecessor 612) and has a top speed of 335km/h or 208 mph (about nine mph faster than the 612). To add to its superior performance, it can reach the whopping speed of 0-200 km/h in just 11 seconds! Sporting a seven-speed dual-clutch super fast shifting F1 gearbox, it boasts off a 20 per cent increase in power with a 25 per cent reduction in fuel consumption. To add a cherry on the cake, the system also provides for near perfect weight balance – nearly 53 per cent over the rear axle. Its class-leading weight-power ratio of 2.7 kg/CV ensures exceptionally responsive handling.
All car enthusiasts are in for a treat when they lay their hands on this beauty since it is still the rear wheels that actually provide the power to this car, with torque being transferred only to the front axle when required and even then intelligently and predicatively distributed to all four wheels. Thus adding another reason to prove this shooting brake the most versatile Ferrari ever built.
In terms of innovation, the FF sets a new benchmark: It is the first four-wheel drive V12 with a rear-mounted electronic differential, the E-Diff, producing 651 horsepower and 504 lb-ft of torque. As Ashish Chordia, chairman of the Shreyans Group, the official importer for Ferrari in India, says, “The high-performance FF is the most practical and luxurious model in the history of the Ferrari brand.” Its drive system is also integrated with the new generation Formula 1 traction control developed specifically for the track. Its other goodies include the latest magneto-rheolgical damping system (SCM3) together with the most advanced ceramic braking system from Italian brake specialist, Brembo.
 Everything aboard FF is tailored to perfection to suit the exclusive style of its owner. Sculpted and streamlined, this FF offers personalisation option on several levels: For instance, there are six special model specific colours that are specially designed for the FF and even the finest aniline leather adorning the interior has been subject to an innovative treatment to enhance its natural beauty. The FF’s new rear seat infotainment system with two screens and a 1,280-watt, 16-channel stereo system enhances in-car enjoyment for all four occupants.
Along with superb comfort with body-hugging seats, there’s plenty of space in the FF too. The hatchback body-style and elongated roofline easily makes room for four people and their luggage. Its cabin and boot capacity ranges from 450 l to 800 l and with those rear seats folded down; there is as much capacity as a small van!
This new Ferrari Four can be a companion to not just a sports-car fanatic but to any car aficionado. As Mario Andretti said, “If everything is under control, you are not going fast enough!” Proving the same, this new Ferrari Four is here to test our skills. At INR 3.42 crore (excluding local taxes and duties) speed costs. So how fast do you want to go?
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Racing cockpit with all controls on the steering, 5-position Manettino and new instrument panel with VDA
1.The new rear seat infotainment system with screens on each rear seat to enhance in-car enjoyment for all occupants
2.Seven-speed dual clutch
3.Biggest cabin space for four passengers in the segment with an interior storage space of 20 litre and an expandable boot capacity when rear seats are folded down
The view of the V12 engine and F1 gear box

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