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Aamby Valley City

Absolutely exclusive and very opulent, a stay at this resort can uplift any stressed soul. Aamby Valley in Maharashtra is the perfect marriage of worldly lavishness and the bounties of nature, finds Kuber Raj Thapa.
The Mumbai airport, the shackles of the metro, and a three-hour drive seem a distant memory once you cross the threshold and enter Aamby Valley City, a unique accomplishment of mankind in a picturesque setting in India. Vivid changes in the atmosphere, plush green surroundings, the comfort of the Mercedes and the pleasant breeze give you an inkling of the times ahead.
About 120 kilometres from Mumbai, this getaway is a perfect escape from the doldrums of a mundane city life. Spread over more than ten thousand acres, this resort is one-of-a-kind, where one can enjoy the luxury of unadulterated nature with the best of luxuries at your beck and call. The overwhelming sight of mountain ranges, meandering brooks, splendidly landscaped roads, its copious green scythes in the backdrop and pollution-free air is absolutely awe-inspiring and makes this place a heaven on earth!
As you check in at the resort, you are welcomed with the beats of drums, playing live exclusively for you – a kingly feeling, for sure. After finishing off with the reception formalities you are guided to the accommodation; ours was ‘Cabana’. Soon you realise that you have signed up for a deluxe treat. Seated on the feather soft beds of the alluring red nest, you can gaze out at the beauty of the night – tranquillity at its zenith indeed. Cabana, at first glance, looks like a warm, snug glass hut supported by stilts, but as you step in, the flawless premium interiors leave you spellbound. The swish red bed – beautifully done up – golden brocade curtains, thatched roof, dark brown wooden floors and a personal Jacuzzi, the splendour stretches to the outside too. A serene lake at your doorstep complemented by a contoured sundeck offers a fascinating view.
After freshening up, we head for an indulgent massage at the Ayurvedic spa, wherein we are treated to exclusive Kerela based treatments; the masseur’s fingers works magic on your tensed muscles. And when you come out of the spa, you are all refreshed and rejuvenated.
We are then ushered to one of the several specialised restaurants. We choose Manohar, a vegetarian restaurant. This place serves authentic Marwari and Rajasthani delicacies. The food is prepared with much love and served to us with much warmth, and, as expected, it is absolutely delicious as well!
Night comes with its army of twinkling stars and beautiful moon. And we head for another astounding experience of the trip – boating. The ambience so serene and silent; the clear sky looked more gorgeous than ever; and all you could hear is the sound of splashing water. This, perhaps, is most the pleasing and spiritually stimulating experience for the senses. No wonder we later have a truly good night’s sleep.
The most striking part of the tour is the service offered by the room attendants who are just a call away. Their empathetic and kind behaviour and their constant pampering make the stay a royal treatment.
The next day we start out on a property tour, followed by a short stint at the eighteen-hole lush green golf course. The course is marvellously done; its greenness merges with the blue horizon. It also flaunts a mini bar. And interestingly, there is also a workshop where they manufacture and customise high-quality golf club and accessories.
Our long tour only helps us explore a mere portion of the property. With the dawning of afternoon, our hunger-pangs become unavoidable. We head to a nonvegetarian restaurant this time, Awadh. As you settle down, the chef walks to you and asks you what would you like to have for lunch and he promises to deliver the best of what you wish to eat. We request seafood and the chef ’s promise makes us more excited about it. Lunch starts with an array of chicken and mutton starters followed by a seafood main course – amongst all the delicacies we are served, the roasted prawn steals our hearts.
Once satiated, we start off for adventure sports at ‘19° North’ where you get the opportunity to try out sports like zip line, speed boating and many others. With world-class safety measures, you can concentrate on the thrill of the adventure sports without a care in the world. There are several jewels spread all over the green pastures of this property nestled in the mountains. For instance, the Banaras Ghat that recreates the magic of the holy city – perfect for a traditional wedding. The staff of the resort decorates the ghat keeping in mind every little detail of the original and once the rituals are done, you can speed in a ferry to a manmade island for celebrations with friends in truly Western style.
Independent India’s first planned hill city, Aamby Valley City is an opulent megalopolis, completely unexpected in sylvan surroundings. The city is a wondrous nest under the vermillion skies of the Sahaydri mountain range. It is positioned as a premium, self-contained city addressing the various socio-physical infrastructure requirements like school, hospital, captive utilities (power, water, telecommunications, and so on), shopping facilities, and recreational areas. This property is just ninety kilometres away from Pune and twenty-five off the town of Lonavala on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.
The endeavour is to develop it into one of the top five destinations of the world, for both holidays as well as permanent stay, while also conforming to environmental regulations and providing world-class environment friendly residentials. The megalopolis also does its bit for nature by planting trees every year.
As we left, we looked back longingly at this place where heaven meets earth, with a promise to come back for another magical experience.
He lake view of Aamby Valley city on a summer evening
The landmark of Aamby Valley City, Sail Bridge.
The luxury Cabana lit up at night.
The luxurious interior view of Cabana hut.
Lagoon restaurent with edgy contemporary architecture.
Pirate Ship at lake deck.
Cabana cottage exterior night view.

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