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Spa Treatments

Preserve and restore your natural state of being this winter season with these signature spa treatments that rejuvenate and heal. ATELIER brings to you all the dope of specialised treats from three peerless spas.
This enchanting therapy stimulates the nervous system and re-energises your mind, body and soul. It is a holistic package that includes a foot ritual, full body scrub, body massage, head massage and a complimentary manicure or pedicure. A unique variation of four hands by two therapists makes this truly indulgent. The dexterous hands set you on a journey of five senses and beyond.
The treatment starts with a footbath using a rose and sea-salt scrub to do away with the dead skin. Next is the full body polish with Sensual Scrub, which cleanses the whole body and helps to regenerate new cells. The scrub has elements like fresh rose petals, patchouli, sandalwood, rose, jojoba and sea salt to moisturise your skin. After exfoliating dead cells from the body, the two therapists apply luxurious amount of enticing massage oil on each inch of the body. The oil is a mix of kewda, frankincense, brahmi, sandalwood and sesame oil. This unique mixture helps relieve pain, works as anti-ageing substance, calms nervous system and stimulates growth of new skin cells. “The ingredients of all our products are prepared in-house in the Jiva Spa, Mumbai, and we usually use fresh products to give our clients the best,” says Charu Lal, spa manager. The therapists work on the pressure points releasing tension and stress from every node of the body. Once that’s over, you are given a scalp massage and relaxing foot massage simultaneously pampering you to the bits. This is followed by a customised facial keeping in consideration the needs of your skin. In fact, at The Spa, all the treatments are customised as per the results of an individual analysis test. The team of experts design the individual treatments for each guest. The whole journey is an ultimate experience that heals and soothes the body and deeply calms you inner self.
Duration: Three hours
Price: 10,700 INR
Bringing together the five elements of nature under one roof in a contemporary way, the entrance to this spa itself speaks about the belief in secrets of masters behind health and rejuvenation. The Vedic Spa ‘Mantra’ is the latest visionary offering of the Baidyanath group that believes in bringing the nature in you to return to a state of balance and well-being. Taking you to deeper levels of self-realisation is their signature massage ‘Shirodhara’.
With the sacred sound of Om in the background, the massage begins by dipping one’s feet in hot water, followed by a massage called ‘abhyangam’ using herbal medicated oil with therapeutic properties. To achieve an instant state of calm and rejuvenation, the next stage involves a steady, continuous flow of heated oils on the ‘third eye’ chakra for nearly half an hour. The oils are allowed to flow over the scalp and through the hair, creating a blissful state of semi-consciousness and heightened awareness. As Dr Sonia at the spa says, “The oil caresses the third eye, the centre of human consciousness and has a balancing effect on the deepest recesses of the mind, stimulating the endocrine system and neurotransmitters.” The treatment ends with a head massage and steam bath.
Duration: Ninety minutes
Price: 3,000 plus taxes
As you enter Ahvataras The Spa, you are greeted by a beautiful Buddha (brought back from Thailand). Smiling therapists proffer water and herbal tea as you wait to get your skin examined. The décor – with lots of dark wood furniture and accessories – and soothing Balinese music evoke the ambience of the Fareast.
The signature facial here is the Buah Buahan facial done with fruit infusion and aloe vera. Prior to that though the therapist offers you a soothing Lemongrass infusion pedicure. A coconut scrub is used to slough away pigmentation and rough skin. After a lemongrass-infused aroma oil massage, a chocolate mask is applied and the feet are wrapped in foil. Postpedicure, you are taken to facial area where you are given a pretty sarong to drape yourself in. From then it is utter bliss, as the therapist starts the treatment with a gentle head massage. She cleanses the face with the softest of touch, and then applies aroma oil and a ricebased scrub using a gentle massage technique – which puts the lightest of pressures at all the nerve and lymph points on the face, neck and shoulders. The facial ends after about an hour with a gentle back massage. Here’s Bali in a corner of India.
Duration: Two hours
Price: INR 3,000

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