Monday, June 17 2019


Diamond Contact Lenses

For a truly sparkling gaze, look no further than these high-tech contact lenses with real diamonds! Developed and created by Dr Chandrashekhar Chawan of Shekhar Eye Research Centre, this fascinating gold-plated and diamondstudded eyewear spells a new generation of beauty accessories. Priyanka Chakrabarti explores the new bling.
Breaking ground in the field of contact lenses, Dr Chandrashekhar Chawan gives us a peek into his incredible new creation.
What inspired you to create diamond contact lenses?
We all love to decorate different parts of our body with ornaments. A few days ago, my wife got diamonds engraved on her teeth; being an expert in scleral contact lenses, this unique move of hers irked me to think: Why not add a glitter to her eye? Initially I used gold dust on the lenses to get the glitter effect, however the sparkle was missing. So then I attached diamonds to them; the output was stunning.
Have you sold any lenses yet?
My first customer was the Rotary Foundation chairman; he bought a pair for his wife. Of late, we are flooded with inquires coming from Bollywood and the fashion industry. The lens is priced at INR 700,000; hence the target audience is exclusively the urban elite.
How safe is it to use these lenses?
These lenses are absolutely safe to use. These scleral lenses don’t touch the cornea; they rest on the white part of the eye called the scleral. The materiel used to make the lens is Boston XO, which allows 100 per cent passage of oxygen. Nonetheless, one has to maintain proper hygiene while wearing the lenses to avoid infections.
What has been the response from customers so far?
I got mixed response from people; most of them loved it especially the Bollywood lot. But I also heard people say it looks eerie. Many others opined that it’s going to be the next fashion sensation. In fact, I feel that people will soon use diamond-studded lenses and not diamond rings to make marriage proposals!
What would you say to critics who call this procedure unnecessary and garish?
It’s fashion, it’s luxury, it’s not a necessity; this is meant only for people who can afford and enjoy the product. At times, people take time to get acclimatised to new trends; for instance, Lady Gaga and her innovative fashion sense! But look at the number of fans this singer has now.
Does the wearer feel uncomfortable when they blink or close their eyes?
These lenses have very smooth surface and eyelids slide over them normally; there is certainly no sense of irritation. But yes, eyes do look a little wider by about 1 to 2 mm. Nevertheless they are absolutely comfortable to wear. The scleral lenses are worn with sterile normal saline filled in them, so there is a 200-micron thin layer of water that gives a soothing feeling.

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