Monday, June 17 2019


What They Love

Someone has rightly said- “Change is the only constant thing,” and technology has lived this phrase over the years. With the dawning of every year technology has grown in some way or the other, altering lives of many. Priyanka Chakrabarti finds out which technology has changed lives of tinsel-town citizens!
Anjana Sukhani, actor
One technology that has changed my life would certainly be the invention of BlackBerry. BlackBerry Messenger (popularly known as BBM) is absolutely amazing. You are constantly in touch with the world and are informed about the whereabouts of people with their status updates, which is remarkable. Such technologies bring people together. I am pretty active on social media sites and Blackberry gives me easy access to Twitter, which keeps me occupied.
Anaida, singer
The evolution of the Internet and a progressive communication system has brought in major changes in my life. And not only my life, it has affected my entire generation, elevating communication to a whole new level. Now we can be in touch with anybody, at any point of time, from any corner of the world. Technology has turned this wide world into one small global village.
Kalki Koechlin, actor
I am a huge iPhone fan. With this technology you never stop working; it seems like you are always connected. Earlier I used a Nokia phone – that was a time when cell phones held no importance in my life – but as I laid my hands on the iPhone, I became addicted to it. I am enjoying this new gadget every moment; the applications are fun, I use this for Twitter access and I am always connected to my husband.
Farhan Akhtar,actor-director-singer
One technology that really changed my life would be the invention of the Walkman. Music became so much more enjoyable and handy. You could actually carry your favourite songs in your bag or pocket. I feel this invention brought in a revolutionary change in the way music was perceived. Music became so portable, I could listen to it wherever I wanted to – it was sheer fun for me.
Chandrani Siingh Fllora, fashion designer
The dawning of the era of laptops and mobile phones has had a massive impact on me. Today I feel handicapped and suffocated without my laptop and mobile phone. My work completely halts if my laptop or phone is not functioning. I stop thinking as the battery conks off. These two devices are like a part of my body; if they don’t function I feel paralysed. I guess I am one of those technology addicts or rather a victim of progressive technology.
Anupama Dayal,fashion designer
Today, an iPad is an integral part of my life. Work has become so much simpler than before. Earlier there used to be so much paperwork and notebooks involved in office work but with the iPad around, things have become effortless and hassle-free. I am absolutely addicted to this new Apple product; I just cannot do without it in both my professional and personal life.
Parizad Kolah Marshall, TV anchor
I love photography, the entire process of taking pictures and capturing memories makes me happy. Hence, for me, the advent of digital cameras was a boon. Photography became so much more fun and simpler. As soon as a new camera arrives in the market, I fix my eyes on it. It gives me so much joy to freeze enjoyable moments with near and dear ones.
Ashish Chowdhry, actor
New innovations in the spectrum of gaming have completely changed my life. I am a huge fan of gaming; I play video games whenever I get the time. I own PS2, PS3 and Nintendo. The new dawning of technology in this arena has left me spellbound. Another technological innovation that changed my life was laser eye surgery. It’s a whole new way of seeing things! Technology is reaching heights and we all must make the most of it.
Jackie Shroff, actor
For me mobile phones have been one of the greatest technological advancements that have changed my life. There was a time when I used to find it extremely difficult to communicate with my family while shooting at remote locations; I would wait for one trunk call for hours and had there been an emergency, I would be completely clueless about the situation. But now communication has been exceptionally simplified and I am so glad.
Sangeeta Bijlani, actor
For me, the iPad has brought in a major paradigm shift in the dome of technological expansion. It has altered my lifestyle. You can never miss anything when you have an iPad, be it a movie, or a book or perhaps magazine or newspaper – they are all a pat away! You are basically carrying the whole world in your hands. It is an information-disseminating device that’s handy and beautiful.

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