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Designer Mira Gulati

Elegant diamonds, pure pearls and coloured stones – these are the perfect ingredients to entice Mira Gulati. Crafting fine jewellery is not just a profession for her but a passion, as she believes in creating jewellery that relates to its owner. Vandana Rana talks to the owner of Mirari Jewels about all things bright and beautiful.
Mira Gulati had a dream: She wanted to design world-class jewellery for every woman. To make that dream come true, she studied the art of jewellery designing from Babson College of Boston in the US and launched her own label, Mirari. Today, she specialises in crafting pure and impeccable jewellery with a blend of ancient and modern concepts. She tells ATELIER why jewellery is much more than just an investment option for her.
Tell us about the first jewel piece or collection that you designed.
As my first collection I designed a pair of ‘angel wings’ earrings that became special for me as well as for my brand. These became the identity of Mirari Jewels. And until today, we use it as an identity of the brand; from branding to our logo, you can find angel wings everywhere around us.
What inspires you?
Nature and history inspire me a lot and add to my vision. I admire our queens from the royal era and women leaders of yore. Their mysterious persona and classic trends fascinate me the most and help me craft timeless jewel pieces. Art has always been a sort of muse for me and much of my collection has a Mughal touch in it. One can see a lot of butterflies and peacock designs in my jewellery, which are derived from our royal heritage. And, most of the time, the inspiration comes from the stone or the unique piece I buy.
How would you describe your jewellery brand?
As a USP, Mirari Jewels creates a fusion of unique materials and modern pieces. We believe in designing timeless jewellery that every woman can wear. With unique materials, coloured stones, precious diamonds and interestingly textured gold, we craft ageless and evocative jewellery that women can relate to.
Do you believe that jewellery is a statement of one’s personality?
Jewellery speaks about one’s personality if the person can relate to it. Just placing stones together aesthetically is lame; it should make sense and create meaning. And, I create live jewellery, which speaks to my client. I believe that jewellery should be more than beautiful – it should have significance. For women, jewels represent femininity and are social symbols; that’s what makes women passionate about jewellery. If one knows the story behind the piece, it adds to the sentimental value and one’s confidence.
How will you describe your connect with your jewellery?
I cannot see myself doing anything else apart from jewellery-making. It is not just a business for me but a medium to express my soul. The brilliance of diamonds and the diverse colours of gemstones interest me tremendously. The experience of working with pearls, diamonds, stones, gold and silver is very exciting. Every day, I aim to create a magnum opus.
What do you try to communicate through your designs and collections?
Like I said, I take inspirations from the rich heritage and culture of India like Mughal era and British Raj to showcase the artistic side of our country. Through my designs, I want to take India to the world and tell them that we have creative roots and a glorious history.
What are the jewellery trends this season?
For its ethnic and royal elegance, coloured jewellery is creating a rage this season. Unique coloured stones in creative designs like butterflies, flowers, peacocks, et cetera, create an exceptional statement. Also, the statement necklace is a party essential this season. Pearls for simplicity will be a hot trend and will match almost everything in your wardrobe. For this season, Mirari offers Victorian lace-pearl necklaces, freshwater pearl drops and pearl strings.
One jewellery trend you like the most and why?
The fusion of traditional styling and contemporary techniques is close to my heart. I like reviving traditional Indian concepts like chuda and hasli. These pieces can accentuate the beauty of every woman.
One celebrity you wish to design jewellery for…
For me, every woman is a celebrity in her own right and I create jewellery for every woman.
Do you design jewellery for yourself?
Name any exclusive piece that holds a deep meaning for you. Yes, I designed my engagement rings. I went to Antwerp with my husband to buy the precious stones. And I have recently released a kids’ collection of jewellery. I wanted something very special and unique for my two kids, but couldn’t find anything. Thus came the idea of starting a line for children. The collection Tods & Teens has baby hippos to baby giraffes, lions, elephants, honey bees and other animals which kids can relate to.
Is there any piece of jewellery that you have specially designed for someone and which remains close to your heart?
I have so many stories to share! Once I redesigned an old piece of jewellery for a client and modified a string of shells into a modern choker of pearls. The original piece was not her style but she wanted to wear it as her mother’s emotional values were attached to it. Another piece that is close to my heart is an intense pink and yellow diamond necklace that I designed for one of my clients on her wedding.
If you have to create one jewellery trend that would be...
I don’t believe in trends as they are shortlived. I create heirlooms for generations and they develop stories that will be treasured forever.
Is jewellery a good investment option?
Jewellery is not just an investment; it is a heritage, which generations cherish. It is a personal experience that one would want to hand on to their children. Apart from a piece of gold or diamond, it is an art. If it is only an option for investment, a person could rather buy raw gold or a piece of land.

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