Monday, June 17 2019


Ram Charan Teja

At one time, Ram Charan Tej was introduced as superstar Chiranjeevi’s son, but soon into his Telugu film-industry career, he became a brand himself. He chats with Medha Shri about the things that matter to him and the engagement ring he designed for his love.
To take away attention from the fact that he was Chiranjeevi’s son, Ram Charan Tej would deliberately hide his father’s name or profession as a kid. “Nobody in school knew about it except for one person – my best friend. I didn’t want unnecessary attention and wanted a normal childhood for myself,” shares Tej. The actor, who comes across as a very simple person, describes himself as, “Less complicated and upfront. And that’s how I like life to be too – less complicated and simple.”
When he entered the industry, naturally, people expected a thrilling performance from him, because of his pedigree. And just like the childhood days, he devised a plan to deal with the professional pressure. “I knew the industry was talking and that people had great expectations. Entering the film space came with a lot of pressure. I decided to focus on my work and performance, and ignored everything else,” shares he. His plan worked out great; he received several awards for his debut and with the second film Magadheera, where he played a super-warrior, he established himself as a superstar. Magadheera was a huge commercial success and broke several opening records and went on to become the highest grossing Telugu film. That’s not the only sweet memory attached to the film. An industry that boasts of fans who worship their filmstars, literally by building temples, one of his fans took forty-one days of deeksha (a religious vow) so that the movie worked. Tej had also taken deeksha but he says the gesture of the fan meant a lot to him.
Now that he is a superstar down south, does he also want to explore opportunities in Bollywood? “Well, there’s still time for that, right now, there are other things on my mind,” says he. He is reflecting upon a lot of projects and if all goes well, one might see him associating with a Bollywood project by the end of this year. Tej says he admires lot of Bollywood actors and actresses but one person that he totally loves is Raju Hirani. No points for guessing that his favourite Hindi movie is 3 Idiots. And he also hints that he might do a project with his father in the near future.
There’s a lot happening in his life at the moment. Tej recently got engaged to his love of eight years, Upasana Kamineni. And their marriage is slated for this year. Ask him about his love ‘Upsi’, and he shyly laughs, “The feeling is still sinking in. I am extremely happy. We’d known each other for a very long time; I am still figuring out when we fell in love.” According to Tej, the two are poles apart; while Tej is reserved, Upasana peps him up. When asked who’s more romantic, he likes to think it’s Upasana, but interestingly, he himself designed the engagement ring for his ladylove. Unlike a lot of his colleagues from the industry, Tej has decided to take a romantic break post-wedding. The honeymoon plans are on, but Upasana is the one who’ll finalise the getaway. His postengagement bash was in Goa.
Tej makes a point to take out at least two hours every day for his family, generally before crashing down to sleep. A sports enthusiast, he gets up early to play polo, and it is his passion for polo that he made him buy the Hyderabad polo team. Within days, the Ram Charan Hyderabad Polo Riding Club won its debut match. He also loves trekking and often heads to the Himalayas and Himachal Pradesh for the same.

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