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Poised Play

Gunjan Gupta
With her winning attitude and winsome charm, Caroline Wozniacki never gets enough of tennis. Shaily Bhusri delves into the power-packed life of one of the world’s top-rated tennis champs..
This 21-year-old Danish former world number one tennis player hails from an athletic family – both her parents are professional soccer players. Caroline Wozniacki, however, opted for tennis as her career. She started playing at the age of nine and won her fi rst singles tournament at the age of 14. A versatile baseliner with all-court skills, her consistency and backhand are her strengths.
You have been admired for staying calm on the court. How do you manage to do so under pressure?
I look at the big picture and always look towards the future instead of putting too much pressure on one match. I focus more on long term instead of short term and remind myself that it’s just one match out of the hundreds or thousands I will play.
You stayed number one for a long time but could not win any Grand Slam. How do you cope with the criticism?
I don’t concern myself with what the critics are saying. Obviously I want to win a Grand Slam, but I like to keep things simple by going out on the court and playing my best in every match. Don’t forget I’m only 21!
Which one of these is the worst: game pressure or media pressure?
Game pressure for sure. I have experienced many interviews so I feel very comfortable with the media. Game pressure is completely different. It is something that only my fellow athletes can understand. Also, tennis is an individual sport, not a team sport, so all the pressure is on me; there are no teammates to rely on.
What percentage of your success would you ascribe to hard work, luck and right opportunities?
It would probably be: 60 per cent hard work; 30 per cent right opportunities and
10 per cent luck. It takes hard work to create the right opportunities, and the more opportunities I get, the higher the chance I have of getting lucky
Whom do you consider competition?
I take every opponent I face very seriously, but if I had to select, I consider Victoria Azarenka, Agniezka Radwanska, Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams and Petra Kvitova as my biggest competition.
Can two female tennis stars be friends?
Of course! I am great friends with a lot of the girls on tour. Recently, Maria Sharapova and I were able to hang out during the Madison Square Garden exhibition and we have remained good friends.
You are Orifl ame’s goodwill ambassador. How do you invest in your skin?
I love to dress up and do my makeup, but I keep a natural look. Orifl ame’s cosmetics allow me to look natural and at the same time make my skin look fantastic. I also use the ProActiv skincare system to keep my skin healthy.
What is your fi tness regime?
It depends on whether I am in season or off season. I work out a lot more during the offseason. I really enjoy boxing as a workout.
What are your other passions?
I am passionate about helping out with underprivileged kids. I am passionate about my family as well. Both mean a lot to me. It is diffi cult for me to spend time on things away from tennis as I am on the road about 10 months out of the year.
What you like the most about your city?
While I live in Monaco, I still consider Copenhagen my home. It is where I grew up and where I am most comfortable. Most of my friends are there and I love visiting them whenever I am back home.
Have you ever visited India?
No, but I have heard great things about India and hope to visit soon.
Tell us about your relationship with Rory McIlroy.
Rory and I enjoy spending time with each other. We have similar schedules and understand each other’s high-profi le careers. We are very good for each other
Caroline Wozniacki at an event.
With Rory McIlroy, world’s number one golfer. They’ve been dating for nine months.

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